Is it possible to buy a School or Club bulk membership?
Yes. Bulk memberships are available for organisations, schools or clubs that wish to give open access to players and coaches. Please contact our customer service team for details.
What currency will I be charged?
We are a New Zealand based company; all local customers are charged in NZD inclusive of GST. Non New Zealand customer currency is based on your location determined using geo-targeting techniques. This allows us to display and offer pricing for payment in the most appropriate currency. From time to time this detection can be rendered inaccurate due to government firewalls or other such security barriers. If you wish to pay in a currency different to that displayed when viewing this site please contact our customer service team.
Can I watch the videos on my tablet device or smart phone?
Yes, you may view drills using web browsers with Microsoft Silverlight installed, or any Apple tablet or smart phone device.
What does my membership include?
Please click on the features tab at the top of the page for full details of membership benefits.
What if I only want to watch drills that suit my position?

No problem, videos can also be purchased individually and viewed anytime. Simply:

  1. Create an account by registering for your Free First 15.
  2. Browse for drills of interest.
  3. Select BUY NOW on the drill page to add the video to your cart.
  4. Check Out and make payment via our secure payment process.
  5. Click on the My Content tab to view your purchased drills.
What credit cards do you take?
We accept Visa and MasterCard.
Are the drills suitable for players or coaches?
Both 100%. Content is of equal benefit to players and coaches.
I have a slow internet connection; can I still watch the videos?
Yes, R80 Coaching is delivered through the latest digital technology. You will have quick and easy access to over 200 coaching videos from anywhere in the world using the latest digital technologies. The video quality is automatically adapted to suit your connection speed for a seamless viewing experience.
Do the drills include written instruction or is it just video?

Drills are supported by comprehensive written instruction. This instruction is written by the same coaches that feature in the videos. Details include:

  • Objective .
  • Description .
  • Instructions .
  • Key coaching points - these are tagged to the video to show on screen whilst the drill is being carried out. .
  • Progressions .
  • Common faults .
With over 200 drills, how do I find the content that suits me?
Yes. The My Favourites tab will save the drills you wish to use regularly or quickly access to plan a particular training session. Simply click on the Add to Favourites button when viewing a video drill.
Are all the videos rugby drills or is there other content?
The majority of videos are hands on drills with players and coaches. However content also includes a Crusaders Winning Ways category which offers a direct insight into the Crusaders environment via one on one interview with coaching staff. At present we have loaded interview content from Todd Blackadder (current head coach) and Ash Jones (fitness trainer 2002-2011). You can check these out in the Free First 15.
How often are new drills added to the coaching library?
New coaching videos are regularly added to the R80 Coaching library. We guarantee at least 4 new coaching videos each month– that’s at least 48 a year! R80 will keep you up to date with the very latest training techniques from inside the Canterbury and Crusaders coaching environment.
Is it all Crusaders and Canterbury content?
The majority yes, players and coaches from the Crusaders and Canterbury rugby feature. However there are also great drills with Mike Cron (Scrum Doctor) coaching a high school scrum clinic.
So if it is Crusaders training; it is just for the elite levels right?
No! Our drills have been selected and edited to suit all levels from junior high school and up. In fact many of the drills can be taught to children. Drills are all clearly explained and tailored to all levels. Crusaders are renowned for doing the basics well and with low error rate. The content focuses on core rugby skills of tackling, catching, passing, scrums, lineouts, breakdown etc and delivered by coaches in plain English.